Making do on a moments notice

Posted: April 15, 2011 by kelleinmt in MacGyverism

When our chicks arrived 10 weeks ago, we had to find a place to put them( to many baby animals and not enough space) the front pork was cleared but the dilemma was no outlet for the heat lamp. My Dh had a screw in plug-in( from an auction treasure box) that screws into a light receptacles. Okay now the light cord isn’t long enough to get it down close enough to the chicks, so Dh improved this rig from parts and pieces.  Dh mad a clamp to clamp to the side of the wash tub, then used a piece of metal( he’s always collecting for blacksmithing) and  some chain I’d saved from a hanging light we took down and replaced. 

Here is the finished product and it works great!

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  1. peggylynn says:

    I love it!! A perfect project with little labor and absolutely free!!

  2. Thanks Phelan for posting this and adding the picture. I REALLY appreciate it :o)

  3. emphelan says:

    No problem Kellle

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