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Bird House

Posted: May 18, 2011 by peggylynn in Uncategorized
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I love birds. I love watching them. I love listening to their beautiful songs. I just love birds period! So of course I have bird feeders all around the homestead. I have all kinds of birdhouses around too. When a teenage boy took a curve a little too fast and took our mailbox for a ride I decided to use it for another birdhouse. We got a new and bigger mailbox so why not let the birds have a new and bigger house.
First I painted it using paints given to me over the year by friends and customers. Then I got William to cut a square hole in the door of the mailbox but only on 3 sides. I wanted to lift the metal up from the hole to have a awning or cover for the hole. It now looks like a little cottage and hopefully a bluebird or wren will rent it soon.

The great thing about this is it cost zero dollars and only about an hours worth of time.


I am working on a really great project from a huge shipping crate I got next to a college dumpster. Its not finished yet so that project will be next Wednesdays post. Until then I will share some of my favorite links of some very awesome trasy ladies! Check them out and see all the fantastic things they make from other peoples trash and be sure and tell them Peggy sent you.

Gail from Repurposed Life has lots and lots of projects from trash finds. You can spend days just drooling over her archives. Go on check it out but be sure and save time to visit Rose over at Confessions of a Curbshopaholic. She has a post up right now about her dogs but please scroll on down and see the most unique and beautiful things she makes from trash. She loves to travel around the neighborhood and pick up things people put by the curb. I have gotten lots of ideas from her and spend hours just going through her archives and dreaming and making notes. These two ladies make me want to become even more trashy than I already am! So please check them out and have a look see. I promise you won’t be disappointed and I bet you come away with some new projects you just can’t wait to get started on yourself.

My Little Water Garden

Posted: April 20, 2011 by peggylynn in Uncategorized
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A few years ago we redid our bathroom and removed the tub and toilet. I didn’t want to trash them as I knew I could find something to use them for. Well a couple years ago I decided I wanted a water garden. No money to purchase the kits and I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time digging to put the kit in the ground. The tub became my pond with a turtle fountain that was part of a water garden feature at Amazing Grace (a antique/collectible shop I had years ago). The toilet has ivy growing in the tank part and I usually have a fern in the bowl but this year decided to sit one of the split leaf plants on the seat and one by the tub. The chairs were found when curb shopping the neighborhood and the goose and bird welcome sign came from a dumpster diving trip along with the wood shavings on the ground around the area. Lucked up there and got 8 bags of those because they got wet and the store threw them out. I use them in flower, herb, veggie gardens and of course my little water garden spot. None of this cost anything but a little bit of time. I had gold fish in the pond for a couple years till the neighborhood kids begged me out of them. A friend has offered me a couple from her pond which I plan on taking her up on. I have water plants in the bottom of the tub that haven’t started growing this year. All in all I have a nice place to sit, relax and listen to the water for zero money and only a little bit of sweat. I just love being a trashy girl!!

An introduction to my “trashy” side!

Posted: March 29, 2011 by hopejoyandfaithfarm in An Introduction
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Wow, I’m excited. Who knew my “trashy” habits could make it possible for me to share my slightly twisted views with other like-minded folks? As a matter of fact, I never knew there were other’s like me! I’m a happy girl!

So, a brief introduction. I’m technically middle-age, have 6 kids, if you count the steps, ex-steps and my 3 dear daughters. I am currently unemployed (not counting the temp jobs and transcription I do for the city). I grew up with a single mom who was great with her finances. I don’t think she’s ever been late with a payment. However, all I ever heard growing up was “we can’t afford that” with no further explanation. As a result, I’ve always had a hard time managing my finances. I am finally getting better at it, after 12 plus years of sobriety (a whole ‘nother story). We have a small farm where we raise market lambs for 4-H, pigs for our daughter’s 4-H project and our freezer, eggs, mini-rex rabbits and garden/orchard produce. I’m so proud of our new trashy greenhouse, built with mainly “scavaged” windows and framing (tho we did buy cedar fencing for the siding.

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I have always looked at things with a “hmmm…what could I do with it?” sort of attitude. That old plastic milk crate… could it be a nest box for my hens? The plastic “boxes” that the old lettuce that I was given for our pigs…could that be a mini-greenhouse? The thin cement slabs that were used as part of a dock…bet those would be great as the floor for the chain-link dog kennel.

I am a scavenger… my favorite hat ever was found in a ditch (with water in it) alongside the road I walked every couple days for exercise.  I spotted a slightly different shade of green than the old moss growing in the water, straddled the ditch and bravely reached in.  I took my treasure home and washed it.  It was the perfect hat-the brim was rolled just right, the color was a wonderful sage green and the leather at the back cradled my ponytail perfectly.  When my mom asked me where I got the hat, she almost choked when I told her. I almost cried when it fell apart a few years later.  I have so many bungee cords, plastic containers, etc that I  have scrounged from the side of the road.  My “tool” holder in the garden is a newspaper box that laid alongside the road for two weeks.  I figured after that much time, no one was gonna claim it.  This last winter, I was pretty peeved at my husband when he wouldn’t cross 4 lanes of traffic on an interstate to retrieve a gas can.  I mean, it was only rush hour in Portland, Oregon, it wasn’t like there was a lot of traffic!

I also reuse things, such as tinfoil from bread, plastic containers and plastic bags.  I have a habit of saving hay rope from my animals hay, feed bags from grain and juice jugs.  I don’t hoard them, and they don’t take up a huge space, but if I need a rope or a trash bag, I can grab one from the cupboard and use it.  I have helped clear out old houses in exchange for what I can “scavage”… Milk crates to store canning jars in, old step-stools, pet carriers, etc.  It’s kinda like the new stuff they call “picking”, except I don’t pay for it.

I also am somewhat trashy when it comes to animals, cages, etc.  If someone doesn’t want an animal and wants to give it away, I’ll take it and find it a good home.  Of course, if it comes with a cage, I’ll sell the cage and give the animal away with it.  The last rabbit I was given came with 2 full bags of feed and one partial bag, 2 water bottles and no cage. I kept the rabbit a week til I found a home for him.  I gave the rabbit away, selling the lady a cage I had been given 6 months ago for $10.  I gave her a water bottle and the partial bag of feed.  I kept the two other bags for my mini-rex rabbits, and the extra water bottle.  My husband said I’m like an old-fashioned horse trader… Maybe so, but it works out in the end, the animals find a good home and I don’t cheat anyone.

I love finding ways to save money and do it by re-using or recycling.  Keep’s my life interesting…More “trashy” stuff to follow!