An introduction from; The Never Done Farm

Posted: March 10, 2011 by kelleinmt in An Introduction

Good morning everyone. My name is Kelle and I live on our small homestead/ farm called, The Never Done Farm, in rural Montana.  I’ve been married to my high school sweetie for almost 27 yrs( 16th of March). We have two children, both, now young adults. Our Ds has a family of his own now and our Dd is still living at home.  

My Dh and myself both come from small farm backgrounds but when we first married were convinced it would be better to live closer to our jobs, thus moved to the city. This proved to be a valuable learning lesson because after the housing crash( silicone valley crash) we were unable to sell our first home for more than we owed on the loan.  We did buy another home on the outskirts of the city with a 1/2 acre lot.  This period was our awakening, so to speak, to getting ourselves away from debt and living a more self-reliant lifestyle. Our Dd had some major medical issues when she was 2-1/2 yrs old( inoperable brain tumor), thus putting us into debt even further. Her health issues are related to a genetic disease, yet not on person on either side of our family has this disease. We began to ask ourselves, why, where and how our Dd ended up with it and the conclusion was our food supply was a contributing factor. We  began gardening, added fruit bushes and strawberries, even eventually added laying hens and a rooster. We began pulling away from commercialized/industrial farm raised foods and buying more Organic or natural foods. I  taught myself to can our foods, this  began our journey of eating “from scratch meals” some 7 yrs after we were married.  My Mom was not and still is not domestically inclined, she never liked gardening much either. She claims she’s always hated cooking, even though I remember her as a wonderful cook. 

While going through our Dd’s medical issues for several years we began prepping and stocking up on household and food items. This turned out to be a HUGE blessing. Because of our self-reliant lifestyle, we lived from our pantry for almost 4 month( purchasing only dairy and some personal hygiene items), allowing us to take all extra money and pay down our debt.  Part of this prepping was learning to make do with what you have,  put out the word what it is you are looking in hopes of getting it “Free” or shopping garage sale and thrift stores.   Myself, Dh and our children had very few brand new clothing items, I do NOT sew, this is one of my goals though.

If you are NOT afraid to ask, barter or scrounge for something, often times you’ll find what you need and more often than not, for free to very little money. 

My Dh is better about “thinking outside the box” and repurposing things than I am, but when you’ve been doing this for over two decades, it begins to become second nature.

Of course recycling, repurposing, garage sale and dumpster finds require labor and organization, which is the trade-off for money saved. We’ve torn down many a building and saved all the lumber( even the rotten or broken, is sued for firewood and kindling; as long as it isn’t treated wood) , hardware and even some of the bolts, screws and nails( especially if they are handmade “antique nails”)

We have lots of projects that will be sharing( past and future) here on Girls Gone Trashy. 

Look forward to seeing and hearing about your projects




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