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Posted: April 7, 2011 by txmarina44 in Kids, White Trash with a Purpose
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Yesterday, peggylynn showed us how she converted a yard implement display into a dish drainer/storage rack. I was stuck for what to post (I won’t be able to start my next project until tomorrow, when I can get supervision). and I took a tour around my house to see what was my most creative yet simple repurposed item. I found what I needed in my living room: I’d taken my old dishrack (which hadn’t fit well over our double sink) and used it to store my boy’s various workbooks, folders of coloring pages, and portfolios. The wires that would normally hold up dishes are perfect for keeping things upright, and it’s easy to read the spines and grab the one we need.

Of course, this begs a few questions: why do we need so many workbooks for a kindergartener? and, why not use a bookshelf? Adding more bookshelves to the house is no longer an option (and those we have now are jam-packed); I’ve moved half of them out and my husband still complains about the ones that remain. As I’ve mentioned in my intro, my son was identified at 2 1/2 as having special needs (autism, severe language delay). His special ed preschool program was very heavy on paperwork. Their focus was educational and not social, so they had him doing seatwork instead of playing with others who could model proper social behavior and creative use of toys. So, in addition to making up for the lack of neurotypical peers, we also had to reinforce and build on extending his focus and attention span for activity pages and sequence projects (commonly passed off as art/crafts) whenever he had a break from school (weekends and seasonal breaks). Gathering everything into one portable yet accessible container makes it easy for us to change the workspace venue when necessary (during sister’s naptime, we head out to the picnic table on the side patio). Even when we build the actual classroom/therapy space, I’m sure we’ll keep the dish drainer for its new purpose.

  1. emphelan says:

    I might try this out with my boys.

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