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With the creation of the Hay spike trailer, we discovered one small problem. What to do with the truck bed itself.

We brain stormed many many ideas, and the one we decided on was a chicken coop.

The truck bed is the base, set on bricks. We used reclaimed pallet boards to build the main body of the coop. The truck topper for the roof, and reclaimed windows and doors.

Total cost for construction? A bit of time.

We got the windows and doors from a friend that replaces them for a living. The pallet boards came from a manufacturing company that throws them away. The topper came from a neighbor that was going to junk it. And the black metal roosting area is part of a broken bunk bed.

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Picture 006

I know what you are going to say. . . white trash ingenuity at it’s finest!

The feeder was made with an above ground pool part!

The greatest thing about the new coop? If things ever got really bad, we could live in it.