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Patchwork Jeans

Posted: May 9, 2011 by emphelan in Crafts, Gifts, I Can't Sew Club, Kids, wearables
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We all seem to know that one hippy child in our lives. The one that would love a good pair of patched jeans. However I don’t have one of those kids in my life right now, instead I have a goth or two.

Now this gift is great for that teen that still loves coloring and carries around a Care bear lunch box. The Goth thing hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years.

First you need a pair of men’s jeans. Doesn’t matter if it is going to a girl, actually this present is best suited for a girl.

You need yarn, needles, and odd and ends.

Throw the jeans down and get creative.

Remember I can’t sew.

The first patch here isn’t finished. I need to fix the hair. But it is a decapitated doll, carrying her own head by the hair.

Obviously a Vampire Bunny. Bunnicula LIVES!

And a nice Jester to finish it out.

Creativity is key.

More than likely they won’t wear them, but end up on their wall as a conversation started. I have made similar jeans in the past, for myself (when I was a wee one) and as gifts to friends. They seem to go over rather well. Some where gorier looking than others. It just depends on who it is going to.

Got a creative gift idea? We would love to see it. Email us at and we will be happy to publish it here. (your post stay your property)


I am working on a really great project from a huge shipping crate I got next to a college dumpster. Its not finished yet so that project will be next Wednesdays post. Until then I will share some of my favorite links of some very awesome trasy ladies! Check them out and see all the fantastic things they make from other peoples trash and be sure and tell them Peggy sent you.

Gail from Repurposed Life has lots and lots of projects from trash finds. You can spend days just drooling over her archives. Go on check it out but be sure and save time to visit Rose over at Confessions of a Curbshopaholic. She has a post up right now about her dogs but please scroll on down and see the most unique and beautiful things she makes from trash. She loves to travel around the neighborhood and pick up things people put by the curb. I have gotten lots of ideas from her and spend hours just going through her archives and dreaming and making notes. These two ladies make me want to become even more trashy than I already am! So please check them out and have a look see. I promise you won’t be disappointed and I bet you come away with some new projects you just can’t wait to get started on yourself.

My Little Water Garden

Posted: April 20, 2011 by peggylynn in Uncategorized
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A few years ago we redid our bathroom and removed the tub and toilet. I didn’t want to trash them as I knew I could find something to use them for. Well a couple years ago I decided I wanted a water garden. No money to purchase the kits and I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time digging to put the kit in the ground. The tub became my pond with a turtle fountain that was part of a water garden feature at Amazing Grace (a antique/collectible shop I had years ago). The toilet has ivy growing in the tank part and I usually have a fern in the bowl but this year decided to sit one of the split leaf plants on the seat and one by the tub. The chairs were found when curb shopping the neighborhood and the goose and bird welcome sign came from a dumpster diving trip along with the wood shavings on the ground around the area. Lucked up there and got 8 bags of those because they got wet and the store threw them out. I use them in flower, herb, veggie gardens and of course my little water garden spot. None of this cost anything but a little bit of time. I had gold fish in the pond for a couple years till the neighborhood kids begged me out of them. A friend has offered me a couple from her pond which I plan on taking her up on. I have water plants in the bottom of the tub that haven’t started growing this year. All in all I have a nice place to sit, relax and listen to the water for zero money and only a little bit of sweat. I just love being a trashy girl!!

Squishy Blocks

Posted: March 28, 2011 by emphelan in Gifts, I Can't Sew Club, Kids
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If you have a sewing machine, you can whip this up in no time at all. However I don’t and I can’t sew. I can do a basic stitch to make pillows. And I am very proud of that.

The squishy block toy is very simple for those of us that have little if any sewing ability. Plus you spend little if any money at all on this project. All you need is some old clothing or torn blankets, scissors, needle, thread and stuffing.

First you need 6 squares of fabric, all the same size. Then they need to be sewn together like this.

Finish off the blocks, by sewing them into cubes, flipping it right side out and stuffing it. Sew the last opening together. If you hand stitch as horribly as I, you can hide it with yarn outlines.

If you have time, and the know how, you can stitch in your own pattern. Here is my butterfly.

I didn’t have a hoop, so husband made me one out of a peanut can container. I do so adore him.

And the finished project should look some what like this (if not better)

Don’t throw out that Flour!

Posted: March 14, 2011 by emphelan in Crafts, Gifts, Kids
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If you store your flour in the freezer as many people do, you know that sometimes freezer burn happens. Or if you store your flour in the pantry it can go rancid. Both situations causes the flour to be unusable for your baking needs. But that doesn’t mean it can not be used for other things.

If you have children these two ideas are wonderfully fun to do with them.

Play Dough

I know, it is cheap to buy at the stores. But this is something easy to make. My kids love doing it, even my 13 year old, and so far no other child has complained about the gift.

You will need;

2 cups unbleached flour
1 cup salt
1 tablespoon cream of tarter
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
2 cups of boiling water
various colors, you can use food coloring or make your own (carrots, beets, spinach)

mix the dry ingredients together then add the wet. Mix well. Once it is cooled off enough to handle, parents this will be your job, knead the dough for 3 minutes.
Picture 367

Break off balls, as many as you want, and call in the kids. Give them the color and one of the balls, and let them go to town. Make sure they get the color through and through, this takes about 3 minutes. The little ones will tire of it after a bit, just step in before they get too grumpy.
homemade playdough

This is completely edible, but because of the amount of salt, one taste will do them.
Picture 361

If the dough is too sticky when kneading, add more flour. Too dry, a bit of water. We keep these in 1/2 pint canning jars. This rarely drys out, if it does, add water and knead.

Firing Dough

This is a very personalized item. Having your children make ornaments or plaques that reminds them of their friends. If they met at a baseball game, or that time when the city friend thought he could catch a calf and ended up with a mouthful of mud. What ever the memory or just something the child likes, firing dough is a great child to child present, or child to family.

You will need;

3/4 cup boiling water
1/2 cup salt
2 cups unbleached flour
food coloring or paints

Dissolve the salt in the boiling water. Stir to cool, then add all the flour at once. Mix until it forms a ball. Allow to cool to the touch, then knead for 6 minutes. If you are using food coloring, knead only 3 minutes, break into sections, and add the color, kneading each one for 3 minutes.

Cover what you aren’t using with a damp towel, and work your pieces into the shape you want. Add water or flour as needed. If you are hanging your art, make sure you add something to hold it up, paper clips work well.

Heat your oven to 225F for 15 minutes. Lay the dough shape on a foiled covered cookie sheet. Depending on the thickness, bake for 30-90 minutes. Cool and paint. Water colors are great for this. Once they are painted, place back into the oven at 150F for 30 minutes to remove moisture. Because this contains salt, you will need to preserve it so that it doesn’t draw in moisture, do this by covering it with a few coats of clear acrylic paint.
Picture 366