Reusing Food Containers

Posted: April 21, 2011 by txmarina44 in Crafts, Kids, White Trash with a Purpose

Living out here, I can’t easily run to the store for plastic containers for the food I want to keep fresh. And, our waste service does not include any sort of recycling. Whenever I finish with a good-sized, sound, plastic or even tin+cardboard container, I keep it for reuse for another food (having given it a thorough scrubdown first, of course).
Back when I was blending my own fruit yogurts for my boy (before we discovered his lactose intolerance), I saved the larger (32 oz.) containers for the various snacks he consumed, and after we started treating his gluten intolerance, they came in handy for the various alternative baking ingredients. One currently holds his animal crackers, and a few others have powdered milk (these are from the dairy days–husband used it in bread machine baking–and need to be emptied). Since we haven’t baked bread in forever, I’ll easily find something else to fill them. I used the single-serve yogurt containers to pack boy’s lunch components in when they still had lids–now that most brands use foil or plastic film, they’re mostly good only for bathtime/water table play. Anyway, I never had to worry about whether or not they returned home (my boy, at age 3, would often forget, and throw them away). Since they hadn’t been an investment, their loss wasn’t as hard to stomach.
I’m a huge fan of Ghirardelli chocolate–it’s part of our family history–it doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener. Their hot cocoa tins are perfect for storing pre-bagged teas that would normally fade in their boxes. I’ve used my girl’s baby cereal tins to store smaller bags of pasta, like stars and alphabet letters. I have old, larger, powdered iced tea tins that are currently storing small craft projects and materials.
Altoid (or other hard candy) tins are popular with the smoking crowd–most of my camping friends always have one on hand to safely stash their butts. I have one in my purse to store the points stickers from our local grocery store for the kids to save up for the cooler prizes. Also, I have a friend who makes micro-altar art pieces with them as the base. I’m rolling around an interpretation of my own in my head. Y’all will be the first to know if I manage to make something documentable.

Anyone remember film canisters? Although not from, nor for, food, I have several in my sewing kit which hold such things as buttons retrieved from worn-beyond-donating clothes, safety pins, and bobbins. I used to keep one full of quarters in my purse when I used to park in downtown Austin often enough to justify maintaining that stash.


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