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Homemade gifts: Army Men Necklace

Posted: December 14, 2011 by emphelan in Crafts, Gifts, Kids, wearables

First, a bag o’ army men.

Bag oh Army men

Of course you need to play with them a bit. MAN DOWN!


Now we need to remove their pedestals. Don’t be tempted to just snap them off, you will take their poor little toes with it. I used a pair of wire cutters, then filed down any points.

Next heat up a needle and stab him in the head with it.

Needle in the head

Not only are you making something cool but you get to relive your tortured toy youth. Ah memories. . . Fun!!

Don’t allow the needle to cool off in there too much, you will have a hard time getting it out. Next you will need a piece of wire, folding it to create a hook to hang the army man from. This too will need to be heated up before torturing your toy. Shove the wire into his head and allow it to cool.

You can stop here and add leather or chain. But I just happened to have a can of Aluminum spray enamel

*insert evil laugh here*

Spray one side of your army man, dry, flip and repeat. Be sure to get his crotch and the top of his head.


They make great ornaments as well.


Patchwork Jeans

Posted: May 9, 2011 by emphelan in Crafts, Gifts, I Can't Sew Club, Kids, wearables
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We all seem to know that one hippy child in our lives. The one that would love a good pair of patched jeans. However I don’t have one of those kids in my life right now, instead I have a goth or two.

Now this gift is great for that teen that still loves coloring and carries around a Care bear lunch box. The Goth thing hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years.

First you need a pair of men’s jeans. Doesn’t matter if it is going to a girl, actually this present is best suited for a girl.

You need yarn, needles, and odd and ends.

Throw the jeans down and get creative.

Remember I can’t sew.

The first patch here isn’t finished. I need to fix the hair. But it is a decapitated doll, carrying her own head by the hair.

Obviously a Vampire Bunny. Bunnicula LIVES!

And a nice Jester to finish it out.

Creativity is key.

More than likely they won’t wear them, but end up on their wall as a conversation started. I have made similar jeans in the past, for myself (when I was a wee one) and as gifts to friends. They seem to go over rather well. Some where gorier looking than others. It just depends on who it is going to.

Got a creative gift idea? We would love to see it. Email us at and we will be happy to publish it here. (your post stay your property)

Purposeful Jewelry: Wing nuts

Posted: April 11, 2011 by emphelan in Crafts, Gifts, Kids, wearables
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What you need is

16 gauge wire (hot fencing works great)
several wing nuts (depending on size and how big the wrist is)
wire cutters
needle nose pliers
screw driver (Phillips)

I seem to have lost my photos on how to make the rings. If you wire is dirty, use a metal cleaner (lemon juice works sometimes) and clean it up all shinny like. Next start wrapping it around the screwdriver. As tight as possible. Once you get to the end, slide it off, you should have a very tight spring.

Next cut the spring down the middle, making lots of small rings. As most of us do not have the fancy rotatory tools, they will look a little pinched at the cuts.

Next, take a wing nut, and attach 2 rings to one side. Squeezing the rings shut with the pliers. Then add two more rings to those rings, then two more wings, and then another wing nut.


Something like that.

Attach clasps on either end when finished, and Viola!

wing nut braclet

Reuse old sweaters….

Posted: March 9, 2011 by kelleinmt in Crafts, wearables
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A recycling tip and “handy” to have around
If you have wool sweaters that are wearing out, have moth damage, or you accidentally shrank, don’t throw them out, recycle them into mittens. I saw a video not to long ago on “You Tube” about how to make these and started digging out old wool sweaters( Mike had one that was to small and we were given two others with moth damage) First step is to wash then in cold water( so colors don’t run) and dry in a hot dryer to shrink the wool.

Then you simply trace your hand adding about 1/2″ to 3/4 ” seam allowance. Pin this pattern to sweater and cut both layers at one time.

Now turn them right sides together and stitch using a small, stretch zigzag stitch.

The black pair is finished. You turned right side out again, the print pair is next on the list to be stitched.

Here is how they look on and they will keep your hands warm, although not sure how snow and below zero temps will affect them.

The print pair finished and turned right side out, aren’t they nice :o) I’m proud of myself, as I am self taught on sewing and it is basic to say the least!

So those of your who are creative, let your minds go to work and recycle those sweaters( wool is best and be sure to shrink it down by washing and drying in a hot dryer before you begin)

The possibilities are endless; hats, slippers, scarves, etc….