New *Kid on the Blog

Posted: March 24, 2011 by txmarina44 in An Introduction

Greetings Dear Readers:

This is my second attempt at an introduction of myself, the homestead, and this chapter of my life. That other page-and-a-half will go elsewhere (waste not, right?), and it clearly needed purging out of my brain, but I couldn’t live with myself if I had you land in the middle of things with no roadmap. It may take a special kind of crazy to live this sort of life, but that is for each one of us to develop on our own. *wink* I’m not here to make anyone else’s worse [you hush Erin].

So, call me Marina. I live on 11 acres in the Texas Hill Country, south and west of a little town that might barely escape becoming yet another bedroom community for Austin. My husband (known as DearHusband to most) commutes to his software-development job that is tied to the oil and gas industry, and I remain on the homestead to raise our two children: Boy (5 1/2, has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Integration issues, loves Kindergarten) and Grrl (2 1/2, neurotypical, loves her brother and **pigs). We moved out here in the summer of 2003 to escape the big city, and to try our hand at farm life. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, for many reasons. That other page-and-a-half touches on those.

Since it looks as though we are here for a fairly long haul, my main focus will be on getting rid of the true clutter, finding some way to make the rest of it fit in the space we have, and perhaps learning how to improve our quality of life with what is already here. I look forward to being inspired and supported by my fellow contributors, and to hearing your ideas, stories, and questions, Dear Readers.

Purgingly Yours,

Marina of Browncoat Acres

*Not really a kid, I just turned 44. OF COURSE I’m panicking

**not that we have farm animals now, nor will we in the forseeable future, but we’re banned from raising pigs per our deed.

  1. emphelan says:

    hey now, I ain’t said nuttin’. Welcome to the group Marina. We look forward to you trashiness.

  2. Glad you’ve joined us Marina. Thank you for the introduction, I look forward to getting to know you :o)


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