Bird House

Posted: May 18, 2011 by peggylynn in Uncategorized
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I love birds. I love watching them. I love listening to their beautiful songs. I just love birds period! So of course I have bird feeders all around the homestead. I have all kinds of birdhouses around too. When a teenage boy took a curve a little too fast and took our mailbox for a ride I decided to use it for another birdhouse. We got a new and bigger mailbox so why not let the birds have a new and bigger house.
First I painted it using paints given to me over the year by friends and customers. Then I got William to cut a square hole in the door of the mailbox but only on 3 sides. I wanted to lift the metal up from the hole to have a awning or cover for the hole. It now looks like a little cottage and hopefully a bluebird or wren will rent it soon.

The great thing about this is it cost zero dollars and only about an hours worth of time.

  1. G May says:

    Please drill some half inch or larger holes in the box for cooling air, probably in the back panel, so that the inside will not become an oven..

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