Common reuseable items

Posted: March 18, 2011 by kelleinmt in Around the Homestead, White Trash with a Purpose

These are canning jars that we’ve emptied this week in our course of meal preparations.  When I look at these I see all the money we saved by not purchasing store-bought canned goods and I know how all of our produce and meats are grown and raised.

  We were running low on a favorite jelly( concord), so I sterilized a few pint jars and brought up a qt. jar of concord juice( canned in 2009) and made jelly. The batch actually made 4 pint jars, but one is in the frig, already half gone.

 A clothesline is another ( what I refer to as Common) reusable tool.  We use ours 85% of the time, only when it’s frigid do I use our electric clothes dryer and even then I typically use the wooden drying racks my Dh had, setting them up in front of the wood stove in the kitchen.  My Mom hates this, she says it looks like hillbillies live here. Then again thinking about it their( for two people) electric bill is on average $70, a good $20+ dollars higher than our average bill. Plus figure in we have two refrigerators( one for dairy and eggs) and three freezers( one of which is theirs) running on our power bill and in the summer our pump is too!

Just some everyday tools that you can reuse and reuse to save you $$$

Blessings for your weekend!


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