Chicken house “recycled”

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First off, I want to apologize for being a day late in posting this.  I got busy with sheep shearing and garden planting and spaced.  I’m sorry.

We built our chicken house about a year and a half ago.  We had to buy some new plywood and framing material, but most of it was built from leftover wood we had around and we used the neighbors old thrown away metal roofing.

We also used an old window that we took out of the pile we had fro the green house and the door off of our old manufactured home.

The inside we furnished with a rack of nest boxes made of plastic milk crates.  They are great.  The open bottoms allow the old hay to sift down and fall on the ground to be swept up, instead of keeping the poop and dust in with the eggs.


We also made the roosts out of fallen tree branches.  They are round, which allows the chickens to comfortably roost at night and we didn’t have to worry chemicals in the wood, etc.  Yes, they might rot faster than treated wood, but a walk up our mountain will give us a brand new supply.

You don’t have to build or buy fancy stuff for your chickens to use.   You can be a bit “trashy” and save some money


The green, green grass of home!

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Guess what happens when you don’t mow your yard for awhile, because the riding lawn mower you just paid $150 to fix broke down again?  You get grass up to your knee caps.  So, after hubby mowed the lawn, we had big piles of cut grass, which, if left piled up, will kill all the grass underneath it.  Our orchard gets dry early every summer anyway (we don’t water it), so it doesn’t need any help to speed it along.

This picture does not do the mounds of grass justice.  Imagine this magnified 1000’x.

So, as I was raking, I’m thinking “What do I do with this?” I can’t feed it to the mini-horse (grass cuttings (cut small) are not good for her), but the chickens would like some.

Then, I’ll add some to the composter…

There is still tons left, and I don’t want to throw it over the bank, so… Remember the new beds I showed up, made with discarded bricks.  The weeds were starting to grow up through the center.  I had an idea!

I filled each hole as full as I could with the cut grass.  This will effectively kill the weeds and as it breaks down, I’ll fill the holes with composted manure and I can plant them next year.

The young fruit trees had been taken over by the grass and weeds growing around the base of them.  So, after weeding and cutting it back, I used the grass as a mulch.

Notice the dog in the background, that’s Bella, she’s a camera-hog!

Then, I started gathering up the grass to mulch along the fence rows, hopefully killing the grass growing through the fence, making it easier for hubby to mow and weed-eat.

I’ve done most of this over the last few days and still have probably 15 wheelbarrows or more of grass clippings to rake up.  Our next mower is gonna have  bag on it!

Treasures From The Dumpster

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We have a awesome feedstore closeby. Since we are there so much getting feed and supplies for the animals the manager and staff know us really well. They gave us permission to check out their dumpster anytime. If fact if they are getting ready to throw away out of date feed, etc they will sometimes give us a call so we can go pick it up. When people bring items back that don’t work right or is broken they don’t send it back they just toss it in the dumpster. William has been able to fix over 90% of the items they toss in just a matter of minutes. It is unreal at the items that gets tossed but is sure a treasure to us. I now have 5 galvanized trash cans to store feed in. They were tossed because they were stuck together. We got them apart and though a couple have dents in them… who cares! I have solar lights along the front walk way. No one had bothered to pull the tab so the battery could charge. The tag said “returned because they don’t work”. I pulled the tabs and guess what… they work fine. I have birdfeeders that had a small chip in them. Yard ornaments with a dent or chipped paint. We always get dog food because it goes out of date. The food is fine just out of date that month. Some people turn their nose up at “dumpster diving” but I say don’t knock it till you try it. Be sure and ask permission first. At our feed store we don’t have to worry about digging through wet messy garbage as their trash is bagged up so the items that are returned or out of date stay dry and clean. Here is a photo of yesterday’s dumpster dive (Not the straw as we stopped by the dumpster on our way home from getting bedding straw for the animals.)

The sprayer got the wheel put back on and is working great. The shepherd hooks got the bent parts straightened out and are in use. The incubator we could find nothing wrong with. We left it plugged up overnight and the temp and humidity is where it should be so we are going to try placing eggs in and see what happens. The horse fly mask had a small tear in it. The sprinkler needed adjusting, the spray nozzle for the hose needed a gasket, the wash tub had a dent in it, the ladder had a dent that William fixed and the fence charger had been hooked up wrong and now works fine. The other stuff we haven’t checked out yet but will this evening. One Store’s trash makes this girl go trashy happy!

Reusing containers!

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Not feeling super trashy right now, the truth is, the weather here in Oregon is unseasonably wet.  We get a lot of rain, and I can usually manage to feel motivated to be somewhat functioning, but it’s an overload of the rain and I’m tired of the mud.

So, I walked around my house and opened doors trying to find something frugal and trashy to share with you.  I opened the glass cupboard and voila’ there it was in front of me.

A few weeks ago I had a couple munchkins here wanting to drink some juice. All I had was regular ceramic coffee cups or my Mexican Glass drinking glasses, which are heavy and hard to hold for little hands.  A few years ago, it was almost the opposite.  If someone wanted a grown-up beverage (like a glass of wine or a mixed drink), chances are I served it in a Tom and Jerry plastic glass or a sippy cup.  Gradually, as my kids grew up and moved past the “dropping” stage, I got rid of those.  So, I had nothing light-weight and manageable for the kids to drink out of.

I thought about going and buying some plastic glasses, but we don’t have a dollar store close by and reality is, I really didn’t want to spend the money. I am not working and I have to pay more attention to where my spare change goes.  I was mixing the calf milk when a light bulb went off over my head.  I am a saver of sorts.  I’m not a hoarder by any means, as a matter of fact, I’ve made it a goal to toss things out that I don’t need.  But, I had saved a couple of scoops from the lamb and calf milk replacers and they were out in the feed shed.

The kids seem to like the pictures on them and I don’t have to spend the money to buy safe drinking containers for little hands.  Of course, I did laugh when I noticed Lyndsey (who is 15 years old) drinking her iced tea out of one the other day! She wouldn’t let me get a picture, darn it!

CONTEST!! and it ain’t trash either

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Here is your chances to win a copy of Back to Basics; Third Addition.

back 2 basics book cover

To win, email a photo and brief description of your most inspired trashy moment to Girls gone Trashy.

It can be anything, from fencing to gifts.

All photos remain property of the original owner. However by sending them to us you give us permission to post them here on Girls gone Trashy.

If you have a blog, please send the link as well.

This contest will remain open until Friday June 3rd 2010