My New Tool Shed

Posted: May 11, 2011 by peggylynn in Uncategorized

I have been working on this for several weeks and still not finished. Who knew foam would be so hard to remove from a shipping crate!

I lucked out at a local college. They had these two tall shipping crates they were going to throw away but let me have them.

They even loaded them on the trailer with a forklift. Seems the crates use to have to be returned to the shipper but got too expensive for them so they told the college not to return them anymore. These had big tall lighting and speaker equipment in them so there was lots and lots of foam on all the inside walls. I am slowly taking the foam and the sticky residue off the walls. My intention is to put up hooks to hang my garden tools on. I even have a wooden shelf I found on a neighbors curb with their trash I am going to hang to set some of my gardening items on. When I get the inside all ready and the outside painted (with some free paint given to me) I will get William to help me move it near my gardens. The other one is William’s to use. I have a nice piece of roofing tin that will be going on the top of my garden shed. Thinking I might even paint a fake window on the side and hang a window box with flowers. I had wanted to wait till it was finished so I could show you the after photos, but being as I am slow I decided to go ahead and post the before. If you have a college, military base, or big company near you check with them for shipping crates. They are made out of nice heavy wood and come in all shapes and sizes. I have one I got from Ft. Bragg military base several years ago that I stained and used for coffee table for a long time. I kept extra blankets stored inside.

There are all kinds of possibilities and the best thing is they are free!!


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