Plant id tags

Posted: April 26, 2011 by hopejoyandfaithfarm in Around the Homestead

I am sure this isn’t a new idea, but sometimes a reminder (at least for me) helps…

Every year I start my seeds and lose track of what is growing where.  I think I will remember what tray is what, and I don’t.  Or I put a piece of paper underneath the tray and the lettering gets wet and melts together.

I also tried re-using the tags that came with store-bought starts and that didn’t work, because it was hard to read what I had written over the previous lettering.

Last year I used plastic milk cartons and cut them up, but I made them too short and they were a pain to use.

This year, I didn’t have spare milk cartons, so I used the plastic from a “tupperware” whipped cream container.

I cut the lid and tub into strips, making sure I kept them long enough (it’s not like I can’t find another tub). I used a permanent marker to write what was planted and the date it was planted on it.

Now when I transplant the starts, I know what I am putting where… and I didn’t spend an extra penny on it.

  1. emphelan says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of that.

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