My Little Water Garden

Posted: April 20, 2011 by peggylynn in Uncategorized
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A few years ago we redid our bathroom and removed the tub and toilet. I didn’t want to trash them as I knew I could find something to use them for. Well a couple years ago I decided I wanted a water garden. No money to purchase the kits and I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time digging to put the kit in the ground. The tub became my pond with a turtle fountain that was part of a water garden feature at Amazing Grace (a antique/collectible shop I had years ago). The toilet has ivy growing in the tank part and I usually have a fern in the bowl but this year decided to sit one of the split leaf plants on the seat and one by the tub. The chairs were found when curb shopping the neighborhood and the goose and bird welcome sign came from a dumpster diving trip along with the wood shavings on the ground around the area. Lucked up there and got 8 bags of those because they got wet and the store threw them out. I use them in flower, herb, veggie gardens and of course my little water garden spot. None of this cost anything but a little bit of time. I had gold fish in the pond for a couple years till the neighborhood kids begged me out of them. A friend has offered me a couple from her pond which I plan on taking her up on. I have water plants in the bottom of the tub that haven’t started growing this year. All in all I have a nice place to sit, relax and listen to the water for zero money and only a little bit of sweat. I just love being a trashy girl!!

  1. emphelan says:

    Now that is just too good! I only planted sweet potatoes in mine 😦

    Question, do you have a mosquito problem with the fish gone?

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