Old Jeans to Cute Accessory!

Posted: April 5, 2011 by hopejoyandfaithfarm in Gifts, White Trash with a Purpose

Old jean pockets created a great little girl gift in the nick of time for me!

This last weekend we received a last minute invitation to a birthday party for a 4 year old girl.  The first problem is we live in a small town with one store that would have gifts appropriate for a little girl.  Their prices are spendy and the selection is small. The closest Dollar Store is 30 minutes away and I was not gonna spend the gas money to travel there to pick up $10 in cheap presents.  I always tell myself when this happens that I need to stock up on “generic” gifts the next time I go out of town, but I never do.

I had read this idea a week or so ago on a Facebook post (see, Facebook is good for something), and it popped into my head as an idea. So, after searching through a few million posts (note to self: Bookmark links that look interesting, it’ll save A LOT of time), I quickly read through the directions and got to work.

I have a huge stash of jeans because for years I have been thinking of making blue jean quilts and blue jean purses (from the top of the jeans). Another project I need to get busy on, but I digress.

I selected a blue jean skirt

Using the seam ripper, I turned the skirt inside out and took off the pockets

Then, before I sewed the pockets together, I added some embellishments. I dug through my button bag and took out some cute, shiny gold buttons. I found a “funky” gold tassel I’d tossed into my odds and ends drawer (I knew there was a reason I save weird things). I sewed them on tightly and finished with some glue from the hot glue gun.

Then, I pinned the pockets together, added some ribbon I had on hand, and using my handy, cheap sewing machine, double-stitched the pocket together. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I added a package of bubble gum and $4 (1 for each birthday) and wrapped it up in cute (recycled) paper. I wanted to get a picture of the birthday girl with her purse, but there were so many kids there crowded around her that I didn’t even try. One of the little girls “borrowed” it and didn’t want to return it, so I think I’ll make another one, taking the time to “specialize” it even more for her. This created a fun gift at absolutely no cost to me (not counting the bubble gum and birthday money).

So, if you are at a loss for a gift for a lil’ girl, big girl, or even a guy (it’d make a great bullet holder or nail pouch), rip some pockets off some old jeans (or if you use new ones, make sure they are not yours), and get busy stitching!

  1. txmarina44 says:

    Excellent! Now I have a firm plan for the last-minute present that I have to come up with for this weekend. I too have a decent stash of old jeans, for the same reason. I might try a few velcro buttons to secure the opening. Will let y’all know how it works!

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