Squishy Blocks

Posted: March 28, 2011 by emphelan in Gifts, I Can't Sew Club, Kids
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If you have a sewing machine, you can whip this up in no time at all. However I don’t and I can’t sew. I can do a basic stitch to make pillows. And I am very proud of that.

The squishy block toy is very simple for those of us that have little if any sewing ability. Plus you spend little if any money at all on this project. All you need is some old clothing or torn blankets, scissors, needle, thread and stuffing.

First you need 6 squares of fabric, all the same size. Then they need to be sewn together like this.

Finish off the blocks, by sewing them into cubes, flipping it right side out and stuffing it. Sew the last opening together. If you hand stitch as horribly as I, you can hide it with yarn outlines.

If you have time, and the know how, you can stitch in your own pattern. Here is my butterfly.

I didn’t have a hoop, so husband made me one out of a peanut can container. I do so adore him.

And the finished project should look some what like this (if not better)

  1. Ruth says:

    Love these… I have some new grandson’s and I’m thinking these will be great come Christmas time. I can make them now and be a step ahead of myself.

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