Posted: March 23, 2011 by peggylynn in An Introduction, Crafts

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be a part of Girls Gone Trashy! My name is Peggy and I live on a tiny homestead with my husband in eastern North Carolina called Hidden Haven Homestead. We have goats, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc that have us trained very well. I grew up in the mountains of NC and everyone that knows me knows I am a lover of snow, cold weather, and mountains. My dream is to one day have Hidden Haven moved back to my beloved mountains. My husband is retired army so that is how we ended up here. Hidden Haven is where we try everyday to live a simple, frugal, back to basics lifestyle. We try to grow as much of our own veggies and fruits as possible. We have goats for milk, cheese, and soap as well as eggs from our chickens. If we can dig it out of a dumpster, pick it up off the curb, craigs list, barter, thriftstore, or flea market it then we don’t have to spend big money at retail shops. My challenge each month is to see how low I can get our food and household supplies down to. I shop once a month so am a bulk buyer when possible. I look forward to sharing the many projects we have completed or have going without having to spend a penny. 

Since it is spring and everyone is cleaning and decorating  their porches and yards I will leave you with this simple little project. I found the bike next to a neighbors trash can. Brought it home spray painted it white with paint from a box full of spray paint given to me by one of our lawn care customers. Spray painted a basket that I found in a dumpster and used a piece of scrap wire I found in husband’s tool building to tie it to handlebars. Found the sign in a dumpter behind a local feed store. The wooden frame around it was broken so I took it off and spray painted it white. Used some of my craft paints that were given to me a couple years ago from a friend cleaning out her craft supplies to paint a welcome sign. For no cost and very little time I had a nice welcome greeting visitors.

welcome bike

  1. emphelan says:

    We are glad to have you here!

    Love the bike, very cute.

  2. Hello Peggy,
    So glad you joined in with “Girl’s Gone Trashy”. Love the Welcoming Bike, gives me an idea, Hmmmmmm…..!
    Looking forward to what you have to share, we’re always looking for ideas*wink*

  3. Ruth says:

    Love the bike… I’ve been trying to think of a “welcome” sign for my driveway, this gives me some ideas. Can’t wait to learn more about your frugal life…

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