Box of Chickens

Posted: March 10, 2011 by emphelan in Around the Homestead, White Trash with a Purpose
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It’s that time of year when chicks start arriving by mail. A brooder cage is something to have around. We opted out of the cardboard rings and built something that can be used for a longer time, more durable and can be placed outside to allow the chicks to acclimatizes.

This pen holds 52 chicks comfortably or 10 pullets.

dimensions. 4ft by 5ft by 22 inches tall

you need;

rails off of a wood deck and a couple of 2×4

reclaimed plywood

rusted fencing cut down to 2 feet in height (scrub off rust)

a couple of old door hinges.

Store bought screws and nails. They can range in price.

Chicks pen

th back side top has the only solid area, allowing the fenced door top to sit comfortably and allows you to place the feed or waterer on the “table” . The hinged door is a top loader style, not a side door. Allowing easier access to the chicks.

We have used this through 2 brooding cycles. The fence does allow the chick to pop through, so we end up chasing 1 or 2 around at times. Chicken wire solves that problem.

Brooders can be made in various ways. Baby pools, animal crates, those skinny metal horse troughs, small dog house, and plywood. The list could go on a bit more. Just make sure you have enough space per bird.

And this pen also doubles as a trap for cats, large turkeys and small children who put the cats and the turkeys in the pen in the first place.

  1. Ruth says:

    Great brooder. I use a very large rectangular rubbermaid-type container. It fits 40 chicks, then 10 pullets… I found it at a yard sale for free because it has a crack in the bottom.

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